Things I learned about movies

My class was doing a play called Macbeth and i have to tell yous what I learned right lets get into it.Ilearned that they yous a green screen for a background and that there is close ups because say if you wanted somebody to look tall  you would have to take a under shot and […]

About me

Hi my name is Jamie.My favourite subject is maths science and  pe.I love football my favourite team is Liverpool in the BBL.And in the Liga BBA I support Barceloena. I love the company Apple because I have 7 apple things at home.I love a person on youtube vlogger called Roman atwood vlogs every body that […]

who i am online

Offline I am just a regular boy,but online I am a classic at maths great gamer and love playing games online   I picked lobster arms because I love love love sea creatures. I picked lion legs because I am so so so interested in the African plains.  I picked bat wings because I love […]

Hello world!

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